About Company

‘Kyra International’ is a merchant export/import company

‘Kyra International’ is a merchant export/import company that trades high quality range of products between India and other countries.

A relatively young company, Kyra International already maintains numerous well-established relationships with suppliers companies in India and abroad. We have many years of experience in international trade behind us, and so the quality of our service is no less favorable than that of a much older business organizations.

Our company’s philosophy is based around having high moral principles and standards in everything we do, acting with integrity, and with a high level duty of care.

We only carry quality brands, and our own brands and labels, plus their associated packaging, are always of the highest standard. We spend extra on better design and manufacturing, because we know what our customers desire.

Kyra International’s employees have background in business, international trade, business laws, economics, logistics and marketing. Kyra International’s Directors has over 8 years of experience in international trade, having worked in Agriculture, Plastic, Chemical, Textile and Food and Beverage industries, and still maintains great relationships with business in these fields.

Kyra International continues to expand its horizons everyday with plans to explore various industries and increase product range in Agriculture, Automotive, Chemicals,Electronics and Engineering,Food and beverage, Pharmaceutical, Paper, Plastic and Textile. We are multi commodities export/import Company.

At Kyra International, no trade inquiry is ever deemed too difficult or too small/large. No matter which product you are looking for (even those we don’t currently list on our website), we have the ways and means to source, supply and deliver them to you, quickly, and with customer satisfaction assured.

To be globally recognized import- export company that put quality, service and values as priority to satisfy the needs of our customers, employees and stakeholders.
The values of Kyra International underpin our decision-making and drive our business operations. These values portray the spirit in which we strive towards achieving our vision and mission.